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My Social Media Sites

I am a very tech savvy person, but I have been resisting some social media sites. I’m not quite sure why, maybe for the sake of keeping balanced or something like that. But then someone convinces me to try something new and more often than not I love it!

I adore Pinterest. I had so many pins on my teaching board that I decided to just create a whole separate account for school stuff. SO many great resources!!! Here is my teacher account on Pinterest. 


And now I have a school Twitter account! This isn’t for my kiddos, but more for me to keep up on PD and education ideas.


How do you use Twitter to help you become a better teacher? Who do you follow? Do you have a teacher account I can follow? Recommendations? 

I also love GoodReads. I had grand plans to use it in my classroom, but there were complications with it being classified as a social media site so it gets blocked on our school’s web filter. But I still use it for me. I do talk to my students about my goodreads account and how I challenged myself to read 100 books in 2015.

Untitled3What other social media do you use as a teacher?