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Student Led Conferences

I am SUPER excited to tell you guys about my plan for upcoming student led parent teacher conferences! Many student led conference plans I’ve seen include the teacher spending tons of time making giant portfolios for each student. I am not a fan of that. My plan is much simpler.

During daily 5 rotations the week before conferences I am going to meet one-on-one with each kiddo to go over what they are going to say during their conference. I also emailed the parents to let them know what to expect. They should plan on their child being in charge (I’m hoping to not talk much except to support the kiddos and answer questions. Maybe I won’t lose my voice this time around!) It’s important to emphasize to the parents that if I had any major concerns I would have already contacted them. No surprises at conferences!

Here is what will be included in students’ conference folders:

  1. A poem for their parents: We’re working on free verse, shape poems, and acrostic. They could be about their parents or about something we’re learning.

FullSizeRender (1).jpg

2. iReady reports: These take some time for the kids to understand, but I had them write notes on the forms themselves about their scores, their growth beginning to middle of the year, and what sections they did best and worst on. IMG_3657.JPG

3. Goals: After we go over their iReady scores a lot of the kids use those to help them set a goal for themselves. This kiddo chose to work on social studies.


4. Their last math test. I had the kids pick one problem to explain how to solve it to their parents. It could be one they got right or wrong.


5. Writing- we just finished our state non-fiction books. This is an example from one of my lower third writers.

FullSizeRender (2).jpgFullSizeRender (3).jpg

How do you do student led conferences?