Back to Basics

I’ve changed myself all around as a teacher this year, trying to fit myself into all sorts of boxes that I didn’t fit in. Trying to appeal to my students, to engage them. Well, all I succeeded in doing was making myself unhappy and stressed out. So I’m going back to what I know, how I enjoy teaching, and I’ll continue to adjust for my students from there. But right now I’ve gotten so far away from myself that I’m lost and that definitely impacts my teaching.

Back to basics, back to non-traditional, back to “deskless,” free choice, no assigned seats, better use of my classroom space, teaching kids to really be accountable for their learning.


Next Semester will be great!


One response to “Back to Basics

  1. I also changed my teaching style this year and am miserable. I walked in a few weeks ago and told the kids that I couldn’t do it anymore. They were going to have to adjust to me so that I could be the best teacher I know how to be. Sometimes adjusting who we are too much actually hinders our teaching and their learning. Good luck next semester and enjoy your break!

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