Books, Books, and More Books

There are 18 days left in my 2016 GoodReads Challenge of 125 books. As of December 12th, I’m currently at 116 books. This is two books behind schedule, but my GoodReads schedule doesn’t take into account that I have 15 of those 18 days off from school 🙂 Jammies, tea, cozy red armchair, and books here I come!

So I have to read 9 books in the next 18 days. Thankfully I am a reading multitasker, reading multiple books at the same time (but not simultaneously. That would be crazy.) At any given time I am usually reading a teacher book, a third-grade book (for myself,) a third-grade read aloud for my students (which I totally count,) a Christian book, and a YA or adult fiction book.

I need 9 more books. Here is my plan for the rest of the year. It may change depending on my mood 😉




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