Choose Kind


We read Wonder by RJ Palacio at the beginning of this school year. My class absolutely loved it and they groaned every time I had to stop reading aloud. This book is so applicable to my students lives every day (and my life as well.) It is an amazing story of good character and perseverance and friendship. The book shows us that people make mistakes, but they can change and be forgiven in the end. We get to hear from different characters’ points of view, showing us to… 59f8c60b48c6ee178ca96d1e88e0460a

Becuase of this, my class is currently working on the Certified Kind Classroom Challenge. 

Being a third grader is hard. It’s so easy to fall into the trap of thinking only about yourself. For eight-year-olds, thinking about how their actions and words impact other people is a really difficult concept for them to grasp. I am very hopeful that by focusing on choosing kind, I can change that for my kids. Third graders have a very strong sense of justice and want everything to be fair, but we learn in Wonder that choosing to be kind, even when you know you were right, can be a better choice. d3015742145454ef1bc77d102e7ef30e.jpg




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