Parent teacher conference day is really beneficial, but it’s a day I usually dread because it is such a long and draining day. Fall conference day this year, my seventh year teaching, was my best day of conferences I’ve had (and that’s impressive since I had a horrible cold.) I’ve tried really hard to communicate continuously with parents, especially if there are problems with their kids, so there are no surprises. Most of the parents were really pleased with how the school year was going and the progress their kids are making.

I love getting to hear from parents what the kids go home and tell them about school. Parents and teachers see very different sides of kids. And I kept hearing over and over that the kids are loving learning about astronomy. Astronomy is my favorite unit to teach and I get really excited about it, which gets my kids really excited about it!

I also heard from so many parents that their kids have really started to love reading this year. This is the ultimate reward for me. I LOVE LOVE LOVE to read and I share that love of reading with my students. I really think that if I teach my kids nothing else, the year will have been a success if they leave third grade loving to read. So much of school anymore sucks the fun out of reading and that’s so awful!

Astronomy and reading are the two things that I love to teach more than anything else. It makes me wonder what kind of an impact I could have on my students if I got more excited about everything else that I teach.


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