Maximum Reflecting

I had the absolutely humbling experience recently of being nominated to apply for Colorado Teacher of the Year for by one of my former student’s parents.

The application is absolutely enormous and overwhelming. It consists of seven essay questions, three letters of recommendation, several signatures, a youtube video, a headshot, and a partridge in a pear tree. Okay I’m kidding about that last one, but it feels that way.

From the time I was nominated until the time the application was due was only about two and a half weeks, which normally would have been plenty of time. Except that it’s the crazy last two and a half weeks of the school year.

So I figured, even if I don’t have time to complete the entire application, some of these essay questions are really good things to think through and ponder as an educator. (But then I started and got really excited and decided to apply anyway, despite the crazy time of year.)

So I’ve been reflecting and I wanted to share with all of you! Now that it’s summer and we all have a little time to breathe, yall should think about some of these topics as well. It’s good to reflect every once in a while.

Happy Summer!


PS- I had my sister take my headshot for me (because I’m 28, I don’t have headshots lying around.) Here are some of the head shots I decided not to use for obvious reasons 😉 Enjoy!

IMG_2754.jpg     IMG_2802.jpg  IMG_2807.jpg


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