Community Involvement


Describe your commitment to your community through service-oriented activities such as volunteer work, civic responsibilities, and other group activities.


For the past five years, I have volunteered to mentor middle and high school students at my church. Instead of working with a different group of kids every year, I’ve been moving up through the grades with one group of girls. I’ve been with them since they were sixth graders and now they are going into their junior year of high school. They are a very diverse group of kids and they go to about 10 different schools in the area.


It has been amazing to see all the girls grow and change over the years. We see each other on youth group night once a week, we text and message often, I go see their school plays and concerts, and I get to know their families. We go to summer and winter camp together. My girls and I also do a lot of work in our church’s community like running food drives and volunteering at food pantries. I am building them up to be leaders in our community.


I love getting to do life with these girls and help them navigate the challenging years of middle and high school. Many of them have shaky homes and families, and I am honored to be able to be a stable influence in their lives. I love when they call me to help them with a homework project or because their parents are out of town and they spilled bacon grease and don’t know how to clean it up. They also call at two in the morning because they are having a panic attack, and I love that even more. I value dependability and consistency in every area of my life and my girls know they can count on me to be there for them.





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