Applying What They Learn

Some days I really think that what I say to my students goes in one ear and out the other, but some days they surprise me.

A little background info: we have just finished our first writing project about the 50 states. Each student had a state to research and write about (and we learned how to sing 50 Nifty, the state song of course.) Then we just started a new project about astronomy where the students get to pick any astronomy topic that they want to research and create something to teach the class about it. Super cool sounding projects, I think. Anyway…

Before school today one of my students came up to me and told me that she saw on the news that astronauts on the ISS were doing a space walk today, so she went on NASA TV and watched for a little bit before school. She had picked the ISS for her astronomy project topic.

Then in science I was teaching about the sun. One of my boys that usually has the hardest time focusing was super into my lesson. He kept spouting facts that he had learned in his research about black holes that applied to our sun lesson. Some of them I didn’t even know before.

Also in this sun lesson we were talking about iron and one of my girls raised her hand and told us that she learned in her state report that Ohio is the leading producer of iron for the United States.

Three separate events in one day that encouraged me, showing me that my students are listening and are taking what they learn and applying it elsewhere. It’s just the boost I needed to get through this crazy full moon and Halloween week.


One response to “Applying What They Learn

  1. I need some moments like that.

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