Author Day!

We were so excited to have author Justin Matott at our school today. IMG_2313 FullSizeRender

We’ve had him in before and he is just hilarious and really gets the kids excited about storytelling, writing, imagining, and being creative. FullSizeRender-3

He did an assembly for us. He tells silly stories and has the kids and the teachers laughing so hard. He talked about his hairy big brother and his narcoleptic cat. He does crazy accents, sound effects, and voices. Then he got serious and told some great stories from his childhood and how he was bullied when he was younger. The kids were completely engaged and clinging to his every word. He told them how he overcame the bullies by using humor. He talked about good character and how things would have been so different of kids of character had stood up to the bullies.


He also does writing workshops for us in smaller groups. My class wrote a ridiculous story with him about a green blob with six legs names Um, a tiny pink banana names Bananaman, and a nerdy girl dj who didn’t blink named Whatever. They were all out chasing Big Foot in the Arctic. He went through his whole writing process with us.

IMG_2321 IMG_2325

It has been a super great day. If you are looking for a great writing experience, I highly recommend getting Justin to come to your school. You can view his website here. 

From all of us at PRA,  Thanks, Justin! 🙂


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