The Power of Social Media

Social Media has always fascinated me. It’s ever growing presence in our society is seriously powerful. There are very opinionated arguments for and against social media in general. People who argue against it say that social media, along with heightened cell phone usage, is depriving our children of real human interaction and damaging their development of social skills. Whether people like it or not, social media is happening. It is part of our society. And as much as I love technology, I agree with some arguments on both sides of that pendulum swing. But today I am all for social media!

I recently read a professional development book called Teach Like a Pirate by Dave Burgess. It is a fantastic book that is funny and encouraging and inspiring. I enjoyed it so much that I wrote a blog post about the book and my experience with it. Much to my surprise, the author of the book commented on my post and tweeted the link to my blog.


Obviously I squealed like a little girl and was super excited about this. (I also got made fun of by lots of people that I told about it because I was so excited, and I still do not care. I am still excited about it.) But It doesn’t make sense to my brain that we should be able to so easily communicate with people like authors. But it really is commonplace in today’s society of social media.

So today I am fully on the social media bandwagon because it allows us to make connections with people we otherwise would not have been able to connect with. Two heads are better than one, and all of us together, via the wonders of social media and the Internet, can do absolutely anything.


I am also fascinated by Social Media stats. I linked each image back to the original site if you want to read further.





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