I Love Teaching Teachers

One thing I have learned about myself over the past couple of years is that I really enjoy teaching teachers. I love getting to share what I’ve learned through my 5 years of experience teaching, as well as what I’ve learned throughout my masters degree in instructional technology.

And teaching teachers isn’t just telling them what I do and suggest that they do they same. It’s more about coaching them to help them figure things out for themselves and deduce what will work best for their teaching style, their classroom, and their students. April, my principal, gave me this great book to study up more on being a good coach called Leadership Coaching for Educators. 

Coaching concept in tag cloud

Our school is trying some new Professional Development styles this year that include teachers offering workshops on PD days over various topics. Before they can teach a workshop they have to go through the workshop-workshop to learn best practices in teaching adults. I have given several of these workshops this year, mostly about technology, including one about the SAMR model. You can access my presentation for that here. (Feel free to steal and tweak as you desire, knowing that I do not own the copyright for the images and infographics I used. I take copyright somewhat loosely when it comes to education. I’m making a mental note to blog about that later.)


My next workshop endeavor is teaching about my classroom. I have had so many staff members catch me in the hall and ask how things in my “crazy” classroom are going, and I have been dying to give them all a better answer than the “really great” I have time for in the hall between classes. I’ve also been tiptoeing around the subject so far this year because I knew I had to go about it the right way. I definitely couldn’t teach a workshop about getting rid of all your desks if April wasn’t okay with that. And anyway, that wouldn’t be what’s best for a lot of teachers.

So the focus of this workshop is more on how teachers can relinquish some of the control they hold in their classroom over to their students. I also incorporate a lot of research from The Third Teacher, which is a fabulous book. A lot of it deals with what to think about when designing/building a school or buying furniture for a school, but there are still a lot of things I can apply to my already constructed classroom. c27e7365d85861ad3256cff73788e0af

Here is the link to my Google Slides presentation I will use at my classroom workshop. (Again, feel free to steal or tweak.)



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