Sometimes I don’t feel like I learned anything in college…


Nothing against my professors or UNC, it’s just that teaching has to be learned by doing. I felt super unprepared to start student teaching. I probably learned 10% of what I needed to know in undergrad and the other 90% in my semester of full time student teaching. That’s why every year teaching gets a little bit easier; it’s the experience we need to be better teachers. (So if you’re a first or second or even third year teacher struggling to keep your head above water, hang in there. I promise it gets better!)

However, every once in a while I dig through my binders and boxes of stuff from undergrad and I pull out a lesson to teach my kiddos. This is one of those lessons: Facial Glyphs. This is definitely an “unnecessary lesson” that I can do if I manage to squeeze two other lessons into one day, but it’s fun and meaningful and the kids remember doing it. collage


You start by showing the kids the Facial Glyphs doc. Then they create their glyphs by following the color system on the doc. It’s not supposed to look like them, it’s supposed to represent them. Then once everyone is done we create graphs using the data. We look at the wall of glyphs and see how many kids are right handed by looking at the color of their glyph’s mouth. Then we create a tally chart and a bar graph.

It’s a really fun way to display data.


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