Reflection on Student Behavior

My students have had really great behavior this year, much better than my previous classes. I’m sure there are many factors involved in this occurrence: the combination of students I was given, my deskless classroom, having my masters degree completed, my increasing knowledge and experience as a fifth year teacher, and I’m sure many more.

However, I was curious if this good behavior was exclusive to my classroom or if it carried over with my students to other places throughout the school. So I collected some anecdotal data from the other teachers that see my students every week.

Library- I take my language arts class to the library, so it’s slightly different, but our librarian says that all our third grade classes are about the same level of good behavior.

Science Lab- Our science specialist said that all our classes are about even, but she has noticed that some of my students choose to stand behind their chairs in the lab.

Art- Unfortunately for my kiddos we have art on Fridays and we always seem to have fridays off for some reason or another, so my students haven’t gotten nearly as much art as the other third grade classes this year. But our art teacher said that my class compared to the other third grade classes seems more calm.

PE- gym is a little difficult to guage because we have PE twice a week always with 2 classes together, but our PE teacher said that Thursdays, the day my class and Mrs. Ziebold’s third grade class have PE together, is one of the classes she looks forward to the most.

Music- Our music teacher said that my class is one of her best classes, so that was exciting to hear.

Technology- In tech we have more tangible data in that Mr. Stout keeps a class point system and my class was the first to reach the top and earn a free day in tech class. My kid’s rocket ship is the one right in the middle.

IMG_2425So overall I’d say that my class is comparable if not better than other classes. There are so many factors: I will definitely need to keep collecting data on this.



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