More Data


The previous post contained data from my students about our classroom.

Now, a few of my teammates are starting to move towards having a room like mine. They will be lowering some desks to floor level, raising some to standing level, and creating more floor space to work. They will still have a desk for each student though. Before they decided to do all this they wanted to collect some data from their students.

The following graphs are the results from the 75 other 3rd grade students who are not in my homeroom class. Some of the students are in my classes for math and language arts though.

A little over a third of students said they would like to stand. In my room the kids sometimes stand at the standing tables, they sometimes sit on a chair at the standing tables and they sometimes kneel on their knees at the standing tables. I’ll be curious to see how these numbers play out in the other classes. Untitled1


I very much expected the below result. I have always found that kids like to work on the floor. They can lay down, they can spread out, they can work together. Untitl2ed

I was surprised at how many kids like having their own desk. I wonder why this is so. Maybe they like having their own space that is just theirs, maybe they don’t like having to go back and forth to their cubby to get their supplies. I think I’ll have to collect further data to determine why. Untitle4d

This was a given. Of course the kids want to be able to choose. My question is whether they will be able to handle the choice. We shall see 😉 Untitl3ed


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