Data Data Data

I give my students surveys regularly so I can assess the state of my classroom and if I am meeting my objectives in not having individual desks. Here is the latest set of data from students in all three of my classes: homeroom, language arts, and math.

I really wanted to teach the kids to be self reflective and figure out how they learn best. The graph below shows generally in what position the students feel they learn best. It is a pretty even spread across the board with laying on the floor as the highest number. This even spread supports the theory behind my classroom because there is not one way I could have my room set and please all of my students. Having variety and letting the students choose is part of what makes my classroom successful. Untitled


This graph also has a fairly even distribution, which always surprises me. I would expect the kids to fight over what I see as the most desirable spots. But I suppose those spots just show my personal preference and not all the kids are like me. I still have students that like to sit at individual desks and tables. The most popular is the floor including the green rug. Lots like to stand. The rocking chair is also highly sought out. Untitl3ed

My teammates have been slowly changing little things this year to relinquish some of their control. They’re currently toying with the idea of giving more student choice in seating without completely getting rid of desks. So I was curious to see what the kids thought about the idea. Untitled2


Things have been going so well in my classroom, then last week I started to have a panic attack that I was setting my kids up for failure in 4th grade because they were not used to sitting in desks anymore. I was very shocked by the results of the following graph. I thought for sure more kids would have been a yes, 4th grade will be hard with a desk, but it was about half and half. I will need to ponder what to do at the end of the school year to help my kids transition back to regular classrooms for 4th grade. Untitled4



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