Math and Language Arts Class

At the beginning of the school year I spent a week with just my homeroom class and in that week I really worked hard to set up the no desks arrangement with my students. And that hard work has paid off. My kids really have my room down. They know the routines and procedures well. Then we started switching classes for math and language arts.

My math class is comprised of mostly students from other third grade classes. My language arts class, on the other hand, is half students from other classes and half students from my homeroom. I predicted this making a difference in how I present expectations since my language arts kids that are also in my homeroom can help the other students along.

My math and language arts classes aren’t badly behaved, but they are not as good as my homeroom. I wonder if this is just the different mix of students I have, or the way I introduced the procedures. I did not have as much time to go over them as I did with my homeroom kids.

On another note, I have observed interesting differences in how the kids utilize the classroom. In my language arts class the kids sit/stand all over the room, but more than anything they love to be on the floor. There will be kids laying down lined up all the way across the carpet. My math class on the other hand, loves to stand. My standing tables are always jammed full. I will need to do some more observations and take some data to predict why this phenomena is occurring.


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