Five School Days Later…

Wednesday, August 27th, 2014

In general, my homeroom class is super respectful and quite well behaved. That being said, I am still shocked and amazed at how well my students have been handling my classroom without desks.

On the first day of school I very thoroughly went over my expectations, procedures, consequences, and positive behavior systems. I made sure that they understood that I was putting the accountability back on them and if they made a poor choice in their seat they would be assigned a desk. I expected chaos of kids running around and fighting over spots and pillows, but they haven’t been! They have been sharing and making good choices.

I was even more impressed by their attention span. I try to be very in tune to my kids’ engagement levels, and these kiddos were able to stay in one spot and listen to me teach for much longer than I have experienced with my previous classes sitting at desks.

In past years I have struggled with managing read aloud. I do several read alouds a day and I always want the kids sitting on the carpet. Then I have one or two ask to stand in the back, a good example of kids learning differently, but then five or six more kids want to stand too and they all end up messing around or wandering around. Now, the kids know they can sit on the carpet, or they can be around the room and I have much less fidgeting.image (3) copyimage (1) copy image (2) copy


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