Back to School Night

Tuesday, August 19th, 2014

I knew that I wouldn’t have any trouble winning over my students with my desk-less classroom. I was a little worried, however, about telling the parents my plans of a flexible learning environment. My mind went to the worst: peppering me with a million questions, complaining to administration, not taking me seriously as a teacher, and demanding their children be pulled out of my class. I emailed parents my research proposal in advance so they wouldn’t be blind sighted. And then I proceeded to panic for several days. My counter attack to the panicking was over preparing. I created a sparkling multimedia presentation that I knew would keep me on track and help me not to forget anything important. And then I continued to brace myself for the coming storm. As usual, my imagination ran away with me and back to school night was nothing like I imagined. The parents came in, they sat on the floor, they listened to me talk, they asked a few good questions that I had already thought about answers to, and then they left. They didn’t attack me with concerns, they didn’t question my credibility, and they didn’t wait in a long line to each tell me about their kids in turn. Now that the hard part is over, the school year can begin. 🙂


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