Epic Fail

This is about how I felt today in math:


One of the main reasons I am writing this blog is to help other teachers implement technology into their classrooms by seeing what I do. Today I am sacrificing myself for the greater good so that you all can learn from my mistakes.

The kids in my math class were pretty good today, but because of me my math class crashed and burned. I have been using Socrative (www.beta.socrative.com) to give weekly quizzes to my students. And that has been going great. The kids take it on the iPads and get instant feedback. I get instant feedback (and I don’t have to grade another stack of papers.) We did it for several weeks in a row, then after spring break we needed some reminding of how to log on and work the website. So we got through that rough patch. Then I had a kid come up and say it didn’t tell them the correct answer after they submitted the question. I thought that was strange, so I looked on my computer and I had forgotten to check which multiple-choice answer was correct on every question. So I had the kids log out, I spent a few minutes and fixed it, and I had them log back in. All better, right? Wrong! Then I had a kiddo come up and say the correct answer wasn’t an option. I get this a lot from them, so I said check your work and sent them away. Then another kid came up and said the same thing. So I did the problem and I had made a typo in the answer options. So I asked my class if they would kill me if I made them start over again, and they all said yes. So I just let them continue and I would have to grade that question by hand. A few minutes later another student came up and said the correct answer wasn’t an option on a different question! At this point I surrendered. I told the class we were going to stop and try this quiz again on Monday. Then I let them do challenging dot-to-dots (http://www.monkeyingaround.com/samples.html) while I attempted to fix the flawed quiz I had written on Socrative. My kids learned today (if they didn’t already realize) that I am a teacher and I joke about how teachers know everything, I am still human and I make mistakes.

SO here is what I have learned today:

  1. Sometimes technology makes things harder, not easier.
  2. Do NOT write tests in like 5 minutes.
  3. Just like I tell my kids, always double check your work.



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