Apple PD


Today Jeremy and I attended an Apple Educators Professional development class. Upon sitting in the class for about 15 minutes we realized that almost all of the information we were about to learn was information we already had. This was a great realization for us, because we feel it means we are headed in the right direction.

We did learn a few things, however:

Simple Physics is an app they introduced to us. After this, Jeremy and I spent about an hour playing the game during the PD (while still listening, of course.) It is a great critical thinking game that causes students to build various objects and then tests their ability to hold weight. If they fail, the students get to tweak their designs and try again.

Screenshot of Simple Physics, a train bridge that someone has built.

Screenshot of Simple Physics, a train bridge that someone has built.

Tiny Bop Human Body is a fantastic app for younger students to learn about the human body. This app is super interactive and user friendly with lots of great information.

This is an image of the human skeleton on the Tiny Bop app

A screenshot of the app. I love how kid friendly it is!

Motion Math was a really cool app to see a room of teachers using. This fractions app requires you to hold up the ipad and lean different directions to get a bouncy ball to fall on the correct fraction. It was quite a sight to see in a room full of educators, but I think the engagement level of using this app with students would be 100%.  

This is a screenshot of the motion math app. It is a forest picture with a fraction bar at the bottom of the page. There is a bouncing ball with a fraction in it floating around the page.

Motion Math. I love these bouncing fractions!


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